This is the dream I had

Any interpretation?

First I’m running through a golden field of wheat, nothing but mountains in the distance and the blue sky above.  With my hands fully stretched out, I can feel the tips of each piece of wheat as it gently brushes against the palms of my hands.  The grain begins to shrink below my hands, but I realize it’s not shrinking, I am growing.  Then I realize I’m not growing, I am flying.

Through a hole in the sky, I am flung into a field of blue.  Much like the prior field, I run with my arms stretched and palms down. The golden sky above and mountains in the distance.  The tips of this wheat cut and bruised my hands, so I flew through the hole again, flinging myself back into the golden field.  Traversing this wheat field was gentle and relaxing.  When I reached the mountains, they towered above me, thundering and launching rocks at me.  I dodged and was nearly crushed more than once.

Once more, I flew through the hole in the sky and landed at the base of the mountains.  These mountains had a staircase carved into the not so steep side of it, allowing me to climb them without much struggle.  When I reached the top, an invisible pathway bridged the mountain tops together, allowing me a leisurely, safe passage across the range.

This time I am conscious of the pattern in which I have been travelling along in this world.  Instead of walking the path, I fly through the hole again to cross–what I believe–to be the easier, less painful way.  Only now, I am not flung into the opposite world.  It remains black, and I am trapped in the void.

Author: My Life Sentenced

I am a 28-year-old aspiring screenwriter. I am tired of the "safe" job bullshit ​and am well on my way to dreams.

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