Daily Writing #5: Dialogue Practice

John sat at the table in the local cafe and enjoyed his coffee while reading the daily paper. A man in a tuxedo sat down at his table and placed his briefcase on the floor. He leaned back into the chair and opened his paper. John, bewildered, stared at him attempting to make eye contact before speaking. It never came.

“Excuse me?”

The man in the tuxedo finally caught John’s gaze. “Yes?”

“Do you mind?”

The man in the tuxedo folded his paper and placed it on the table in front of them. “I am sorry. Am I intruding?” No, I couldn’t be intruding because you owe my boss ten million dollars which means, I’m right at home.”

John shifted uneasily in his chair. “Oh, you work Georgio? I told him last week I’d have the money.”

“Yet here I am, intruding on your daily caffeine intake.”

John set the paper down and pushed his coffee cup aside. “I’ll head over there right now, I, I swear it.”

The man in the tuxedo picked at his teeth. “I’m afraid it’s too late for that Johnny boy. It’s example making time.”

“What do you mean?”

The man in the tuxedo focused on John. “I think you know.”

Without any more hesitation, John grabbed the coffee cup and flung it at the man in the tuxedo’s head. He moved out of its trajectory and kicked the briefcase across the floor. When John jumped up to run, he tripped over the briefcase, falling hard onto the floor and slamming his head into the neighboring table.

The man in the tuxedo removed a silenced pistol and shot three times, one in the head and two in the chest. He placed the gun back into the inner pocket of his tux and walked to the exit. Before he departed, he took one look around the cafe. The customers were hiding underneath tables, behind the counter, and in the corners of the room. Next to the exit was a good service bell. He rang it and left the cafe.

Author: My Life Sentenced

I am a 28-year-old aspiring screenwriter. I am tired of the "safe" job bullshit ​and am well on my way to dreams.

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