Month: June 2015

The Dark Side

Jeff sat in an endless field of orchids in his wife’s favorite wooden rocking chair.  He was wearing the blue button up shirt she bought him on their first anniversary, along with the pants she gave him at Christmas, the shoes for his birthday, and the watch she got him for the hell of it.  A cold breeze blew the field of orchids in unison like that of a synchronized water dance.  They brushed against the back of his hands, and a sensation of serenity fell upon him.  He closed his eyes and surrendered himself to it.   Read more at



Learn from the mistakes of others

We humans have the ability to learn from the mistakes of others.  For example, if I never touched fire before, and I watched someone else touch fire, and then I watched as they ran around holding their hand screaming in pain, I would think, “Yea, I’m not touching fire.”   (more…)

Weekly Writing 1: Blood or Ink?

Hey guys, this is the story I have been writing for the past week.  It was for school and now that it is complete and turned in I wanted to share it here.  The formatting is for school.  Enjoy!

Blood or Ink?

By Nicholas S. Jozaites (more…)