Learn from the mistakes of others

We humans have the ability to learn from the mistakes of others.  For example, if I never touched fire before, and I watched someone else touch fire, and then I watched as they ran around holding their hand screaming in pain, I would think, “Yea, I’m not touching fire.”  

I have been doing this very thing with books for the past few weeks.  Since I want to be a writer, I chose books of some of the most influential writers of all time–Hemingway, King, Orwell, Bradbury, and Faulkner.  Not their fiction, but their stories of being writers.  I have learned from these authors what would have taken me years to master.  If you aren’t doing this, DO IT!

It doesn’t have to be writing; it can be business or whatever your heart desires!  Read the biographies of influential people in your niche, and you will learn more than you could ever imagine, 10x faster.  Take the plunge people!

Has anyone already been doing this?  If so let the other readers know how you feel by leaving a comment below!

Author: My Life Sentenced

I am a 28-year-old aspiring screenwriter. I am tired of the "safe" job bullshit ​and am well on my way to dreams.

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