New Blog — New Look — New Me

Reading my past posts, one thing, if anything, becomes clear; I am no longer the writer I was when I started this blog.  I had no voice, or rather, I was searching.  To dumb it down, I was trying to discover myself.  Though that discovery has yet to be fleshed out, it’s poked out its beautiful little head and let me know it’s there — which in the past, I wasn’t so sure was true.

With change comes more change, so I am altering the aesthetics of the blog to suit my personal story and brand better.  As I work on new pages, updating the current ones, and creating a better site overall, the posts will be delayed.

Thank you for your patience, and I look forward to getting the new and improved site up and running.  Stay tuned!


Learn from the mistakes of others

We humans have the ability to learn from the mistakes of others.  For example, if I never touched fire before, and I watched someone else touch fire, and then I watched as they ran around holding their hand screaming in pain, I would think, “Yea, I’m not touching fire.”   (more…)

Weekly Writing 1: Blood or Ink?

Hey guys, this is the story I have been writing for the past week.  It was for school and now that it is complete and turned in I wanted to share it here.  The formatting is for school.  Enjoy!

Blood or Ink?

By Nicholas S. Jozaites (more…)

Daily Writing #9: Hunting A Beast (Continued)

The captain removed his cap and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Seems, lad, that this man was expecting you, almost as if someone told him you were coming.”

“Are you implying it is a trap?”

“Implying nothing. Just getting you to think and prepare is all.”

“I can’t turn back now.”

“Why don’t you go below deck and get some rest. If there is a beast out there, you will need your energy to slay it.” (more…)

Daily Writing #8: Hunting A Beast

Ronik rolled a silver coin between his fingers and leaned over the railing of the Knight in Black. Thunderous waves crashed into the side of the Knight as it cut through the Dragon’s Blood Ocean. (more…)

Daily Writing #7: The Devils in the Words

What is the source?  Pete scanned the pages of the journal in a haste of inquisition. It has to be in here somewhere!  The sun finally disappeared behind the horizon, and the only illumination in the room was a lamp that sat on the desk where he sat. (more…)

Weekly Prompt #1: Debut

This segment will kick ass!  Every week I will post some type of prompt to help inspire and get the creative juices flowing.  You post a link in the comments section (or the entire story) and share your creation.  I will also be writing my story inspired by the prompt, and will upload it to the site when it is complete.

This week I was asked the question in school, “Can you pick any item in the room or the world, and create a story about it?  I was then requested to do so; this is what the prompt will be this week.  I am going to give you a list of objects in the world, and you are going to create a story about one of them.  I think you will find that it can be a real mind workout!   (more…)


I wanted to get a quick post out and apologize that I have been unable to get my daily writings published for the past two days.  I am currently working on an analytical paper on William Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!  If you have not read it yet, I have one word, WOW! (more…)