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Learn from the mistakes of others

We humans have the ability to learn from the mistakes of others.  For example, if I never touched fire before, and I watched someone else touch fire, and then I watched as they ran around holding their hand screaming in pain, I would think, “Yea, I’m not touching fire.”   (more…)

Daily Writing #8: Hunting A Beast

Ronik rolled a silver coin between his fingers and leaned over the railing of the Knight in Black. Thunderous waves crashed into the side of the Knight as it cut through the Dragon’s Blood Ocean. (more…)

Daily Writing #6: Magnum (Unfinished…)

Here goes nothing. Rachel’s gun was in her hand, and she stood just outside the door. With a swift kick, the door snapped open sending splinters inward. The four men inside the room were already on their feet and reaching for their guns. Rachel unloaded two shots into the man closest to his gun and another into the one who was charging her. The remaining two men in the room reached their guns and began firing into the doorway where Rachel stood. (more…)